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Our friends are hurting

But together we can help

The local establishments that serve us are hurting from the effects of COVID-19. Brian, General Manager at The Rustic in Dallas talked with us about how we can best support the local bar and restaurant industry in a time of uncertainty.

“For me, hospitality means coming home. We treat our managers, our guests, and our staff all as one big family as we welcome you into our home.”

How to Support A Bartender

Featured Stories

Mackenzie's Story

Mackenzie is a member of the band, Midlake, a drummer in the Cross Timbers Church worship band, and a local bar owner of a Denton establishment called Paschall Bar. He now has 30 employees out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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David & Megan

Megan and David are both full-time bartenders. David worked for Hyde in Dallas Megan worked for Proper and The Usual Bar in Fort Worth. They are encouraging people to continue to look for creative ways to support their favorite restaurants and bars.

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Brian's Story

Brian is seeing the devastating effects of the pandemic on his bar, The Rustic. He is continuing to serve customers during this time. He considers them family, and wants to continue servingĀ  in any way he can. Learn how you can support The Rustic.

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